Online job interview? Be ready!

Two words: job interview.
Sounds scary?

We hope not! But do know that for some of you it may not only sound like a nightmare, but also BE a nightmare. And although there are many coaches out there, who seem to be very keen to give you their advice, somehow it still terrifies hundreds of people. It doesn't matter if someone is looking for the first job ever just after graduation or has already a few years of professional experience. The interview usually equals emotions.

As society does its best to adjust to the era of social distancing, so do companies with the way they recruit new employees. Online job interviews are nowadays not an exception, but a norm, and we need to start getting used to it.

So how to prepare for a remote job interview? Here are some tips to help you get through it without additional stress!


Check the technology

Familiarize yourself with the software and tools required for the interview - companies sometimes like to choose one of their own systems or applications created for such purpose.Remember to choose the best device (laptop, not a mobile phone) and check if the Internet, camera and microphone are working properly.


Questions on interviews will vary depending on the kind of job you're applying for, but there are some that are universal - think through your answers in advance, but do not learn them by heart; you don't want to sound artificial. Practise the interview with a friend or a family member - get used to talking to the person that is on the other side of the screen.


Do the research

Remember to check any info you can about the company and the employer. Conduct the proper research and think of the questions you may want to ask - it shows your real interest in both the company and the job.

Find the location and remove distractions

Any noises and bad lightning is not helpful during the interview - the interviewer will want to hear and see you properly. Also - remember about cleaning up the space behind you!


In addition while having the interview remember to look directly into the webcam instead of looking at the screen, eye contact is still very important during any video conferences.
Yet the most important - don't stress too much! If you followed the steps written above then you are prepared. Online environment and working in different teams remotely is very common nowadays, so does the first round of jobs interview before meeting in person. That's why even though the whole theme of online job interviews may sound terrifying, it is not something that is totally new!

Good luck!

Author: Marta Kurkus
PR Committee of ESN Poland

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